TNPSC Asst Jailor Expected cut off marks/Merit list- Tamil Nadu PSC Assistant Jailor merit list available here

TNPSC Assistant Jailor Expected merit list Available here– Hey Guys how’s Going your paper it was Good, Bad or OK type, applicant’s who are searching TNPSC Assitant Jailor expected merit list are comes at right place, we know that how eagerly you have been waiting for the cut off list of Assit Jailor’s written exams which was held on 24 July 2016 for 104 post, So candidates now you do not have to visit anywhere to get expected merit marks or cut off of Tamilnadu PSC exams. Here we will inspect every section of question paper and gives you a fair and genuine cut off/merit which would be near to real merit, Here we will deeply analyzed all the fact or aspect Assistant jailor paper and provide you expected cut of marks for Assit jailor in TNPSC

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5 यूपीएससी टॉपर से जानिए एक कॉमन सक्सेस फॉर्मूला क्या आप भी बार बार असफल होते है- अपनाये ये तरीके

                      Tamilnadu Asst Jailor Exam Answer Key & Cutoff

Name of the Commission: Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.
Name of Jobs: Assistant Jailor.
Number of Vacancies: 104.
TNPSC Jailor Exam Date: 24th July 2016.
Job Location: Tamil Nadu, India.
Official Websites: (Or)
Status: Available.
Category: Cut Off.

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Share your marks in comment section which helps you to got Genuine expected cut off marks –

So candidates we knows that you want to know where is the merit will stopped or how many marks is safe for success, if you searching Tamil nadu PSC Assitant Jailor expected merit list or expected marks or etc etc in google search box you got lots of results and lots of website provide you expected merit list, various coaching center, Education institution are also publishing their marks and merit, merit list or marks may differ from one another because all coaching center or institute analyzed differently they look upon every aspect and gave an data it can be matched with Official merit list or can’t, it means candidates do not demotivate or disappointing to look these expected merit, these marks may be different from official merit list, we have an other way to know expected merit list which will be close to real one is to share your marks, this is an effective method to reach in genuine expected cut off marks for TN PSC Asst jailor exams, So guys share your marks and get genuine Assistant Jailor cut off marks-

Share your marks in comment section which helps you to got Genuine expected cut off marks –


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  1. 401/600

  2. What ccut off marks mpc pstm please urgent

  3. Paper 1 was tough according to me. Paper 2 is good. My exact mark is 410. Kindly discuss abt the tough level of the exam.

  4. 329 out of 600

    1. there is chance because very limited female candidates were appeared

  5. 384, mbc. Pstm

  6. 358 sc male

  7. sir i expected my mark is 278 in assistant jailor is there any chance

  8. sir i expected my mark is 278/600 in assistant jailor is there any chance

  9. BC pstm 381/600 any chance

  10. I think the cutoff will be near 315 to 320 questions. Because the question is not so tough. nearly 40-50/400 questions from current affairs only . I also heard that language also moderately easy. And there are only 104 post . so the cutoff will be high like the recent vao cutoff marks. If you have different opinion please let me know.

    1. am getting 411/600 bc , is there any chance… you said me too thought cutoff near by 450/600….

      1. Mr. vinagayam , your mark seems good. but i can’t predict the cutoff marks accurately. fill this form , by radian ias academy , to predict near exact cutoff marks.

        not all the candidates are using internet to share their marks. some in remote villages with no internet knowledge would have scored more marks than us and kept mum. so we can only get a poor approximate cutoff which we share.

      2. Mark 283/400 mark interview ku chance iruka guys

  11. My opinion is cut off will be around 285 to 300.because many candidates not specially prepared for this exam.human Rights portion tough for everyone. 1st paper 130+ good attempt and 2nd paper 150+ good attempt.BE candidates not eligible. So competition little bit low then other 280 is good score is 278..

    1. My mark is 400.5 and mbc catagory

  12. my exact mark is 298/600. .have any chance ? mbc

  13. 420/600 dis is my mark any chance for select plz tell me frds

  14. My mark is 373.5 any chance of post

  15. Yes but vao exam written by lakhs of lakhs students. Based on the candidates participating in exams only deciding the cut u know how many persons wrote exam?

  16. my expect cut of is 400/600 tnpsc answer key paper1 is 120 is good score paper2 150 is good score

  17. Mr. Manoj All degrees eligible for this exam. My friend did engg. He also attended the exam.

  18. Prabhu and Manoj have chances.. Try and try again

  19. Around 40000 candidates were participated for this exam..

    1. 18000 member was exam attention ji
      420/600 cut of marks ji

  20. I am sure.BE candidates not elligible.he is not eligible for further process

  21. BE candidates also eligible for this post.I confirmed tnpsc HQ

  22. Me too confirmed that also. B.E candidates acceptable. And another thing was those who written the exam some of the person’s not having the physical eligibility also .. They write jus for experience.

  23. PSTM 270 question correct…. mbc…. any chances assistant jailor…..

  24. i confirmed that 400 marks…. confirm get in assistant jailor

  25. bc female 277/300 question correct marks 415.5 if any chance

    1. anusurya u defenitly get this job

      1. thank u but interview is there….

    2. total number of questions 400 ma……

  26. How did you confirmed Raj?

  27. according to tnpsc educational equivalence BA= BE. you can find educational equivalence pdf in the tnpscs official website. where ever it says BA is eligible it indirectly means BE is eligible

  28. Mr.karthick are you admin ?

    1. no Mr kumar. I am an aspirant like you.

  29. any BC PSTM candidate,post your marks

    1. 286/400. Your mark?

  30. Only 18000 candidates are attended the exam.

  31. Sorry guys for wrong information.please provide ur jailor marks with Vao we can predict what cut off would Vao score 172 questions and jailor 132+146..

    1. VAO 161/200 , and Assistant jailor 129 + 151= 280/400

  32. 465/600 any chance in jailor exam

  33. 222 /400 i am mbc candidate.. any cance for getting job cut off 333 /600 any one tell me plss

  34. 447/600, 298/400, BC male, any chance

    1. If u PSTM confirm get job

    2. i think u definitely called for interview …best of luck

  35. 300/600. MBC PSTM. Cutoff expecting 300-

  36. 1:5 certificate verification and chest height 1:2 the viva

  37. Hi I got 426 out of 600,there is any chance

  38. Hi,
    I got 401 out of 600 (sc male) there is any chance.

  39. i got 414/600 mbc male paper 1- 117 paper 2-159

  40. 283/400 MBC

  41. Hi,
    420+ marks(BC) eligible to next’s confirmed..

  42. sir i am mark 280/400 mbc pstm. any chance

  43. I am sc male i got 415.5/600 pstm
    1st paper-122
    2 nd papper- 155
    Any chance in next level

    1. Confirm u select.

  44. i am bc male exservicemen my marks 348/600. is there any chance. i am not PSTM

    1. Ur question 232… Ex-serviceman quota verification confirm… Vacancy 03… Job don’t confirm

      1. What’s d chance for me bro BC male 298/400

        1. Sir confirma kidaikum.nearly 440 mark Mela varuthu. Dnt worry.

      2. why job dont confirm sir?

  45. 270/400 questions

  46. raju
    334/600 any chance to me

  47. bc female 340/ pstm any chance..

  48. If u want to know cut off , no prob. Just find the averegae mark by who all are put their marks here. Because max nalla eludhunavanga mattum thaan inga comment panirukaanga. So ivanga ellaroda marks vechu cut off calculate panni parunga. Varra marka a Vida plus or minus 10 vechukonga thts is expected cut off.

  49. 364.5 out of 600/ ex-man mbc/ is there any chance?

  50. 12500 members only wrote the exam..

  51. Could be, as less than 1000 ppl appeared in all thirteen centres.
    Den v can expect written result within two months.

  52. But Unable to predict cutoff.

  53. sir i got 409.5/600 bc male any chance sir

  54. very low members of women candidates..

  55. 427.5/600 any chance

  56. 415.5/600 BC(M) ANY CHANCE…

    1. Brother some website issue cutoff may be 275-285 but marks or quetions so confusion please clarify

  57. 453/600 BC MALE PSTM ANY CHANCE SIR ??

  58. PAPER 1 = 143 PAPER 2 = 159

  59. 462/600 mbc male any chance

  60. whats the expected cut off for assistant jailor please tell me

  61. 303/400, bc male general. any chance??

  62. 255/400 department candidate any chance

    1. frnds pls reply 255/400 prison dept candidate any chance to me

  63. anyone know that how many ppls wrote ths exam exactly…

  64. when ll come result any one know?

    1. As per the ANNUAL RECRUITMENT PLANNER 2016-2017 of Tnpsc, result will be released in the 4th week of Sep. 2016.
      CV: 3rd week of Oct. 2016.
      OT: 4th week of Oct. 2016.
      But could be delayed by 1 or 2 months.

  65. I got 264 questions correct, and 396/600 marks… I’m belongs to SCA community…, is there any chance for me.

  66. 270/400 BCM ANY CHANCE?

  67. Sir I am sc candidate my marks 393/600 PSTM……chance level pls tell me…

  68. i am sc PSTM candidate 279/600 any chance for me?

  69. Good evening sir,my name is R masilamani ex servicemen BC please inform any chance .My marks 312/600.Thanks.pstm

  70. if female candidate means how many marks need to next level..

  71. My mark is 400.5 ladies, pstm pls tell me varuma

  72. 230/400 questions correct 345/600 marks SC category
    is there any chance friends ?????

  73. Sir cut off sc community…… Pls tell me

  74. 20 ஆயிரத்து, 791 பேர் விண்ணப்பித்தனர். இந்த தேர்வு நேற்று, தமிழகம் முழுவதும், 75 மையங்களில் நடந்தது. இதில், 18 ஆயிரம் பேர் பங்கேற்றனர்.

  75. high court exam results came but assistant jailor exam result didnot come. what do you think?? why delay??

  76. No women quota applicable for this post and I got 270/400 exactly belongs to BC(m) does I have any chance for interview … anybody enquired on any private institutes for cut-off details please reply…

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