Rose day sms in Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi & in urdu Best collection

Rose day sms in Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi and urdu- 140 character Best and latest collection- rose day becomes most awaiting day in india or even Indian state like Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi and muslim in urdu take most interest on rose day 7th feb, originally rose day or valentine week festival originated in Greece Europe but its popularity has spread all over the world, in india rose day celebrated in many state in their regional language Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi and in urdu, kannad or other Indian languages, according to the taste of Indian we presents rose day sms in Marathi, happy rose day sms in Bengali, in Punjabi urdu etc, rose day sms are most demand-able in valentine season today’s era are called internet era people wishes their girlfriends boyfriends husband wife and family relatives through internet messages to the facebook and twitter, here we also put 140 character rose day sms according to twitter post, so celebrate this rose day with our soul-mate-

Rose day sms in Punjabi-

As you know Punjabi people are open hearted and made every festival with great zeal, same as rose day in Punjab made like a guruparwa and lohri, young generation specially like rose day and they want to sent their wishes in Punjabi, so here we upload rose day sms in Punjabi take a look below-

Rose day sms in Bengali-

Bengal is a developed state in india, modern bengali made rose day happily so we put sms on rose day in Bengali-

Rose day sms in Marathi-

Rose day sms in urdu-

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