Rose day sms, Happy rose day sms in hindi- 2016 best collection- 2016 best collection

Happy rose day sms in hindi- Rose day is most awaiting day of valentine week, all around the world this occasion made with full of enthusiasm and creativity, in india, hindi people now celebrate this love festival with full of heart, as believe that valentine week or rose day is not for india’s traditional festival, but now hindi younger not beileve they enjoy this form of festival with our girlfriends or wife romantically, here we presents hindi happy rose day sms or wishes for indian which wants to send our felling to his domestic language, happy rose day sms in hindi or rose day sms in hindi is our main article about, we collect messages or sms from different article, magazine or self, we wish you would like our post which is about rose day 2016, lets see and enjoy

happy rose day sms in hindi,
Why we made Rose day-
in the greek mythology, it is believed that the goddess of love Venus likes red color specially in the form of red rose, from then Greek person express our love to give red roses to our beloved and that has made trend, now in 21st century red rose become a symbol of love and unity, red roses means the person gives our heart to her mistress, so enjoy our rose day sms collection in hindi.

this day the worth of red rose is not common, the price of every single roses become hundred or thousand dollar, countries where valentine week celebrated mostly they import red roses from different country, so this day is more special for those who sink in loves blindly, so enjoy rose day and send our sms to your rose.

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