Pay scale 5200-20200 Grade pay 2400- Calculate Gross salary ?

pay scale 5200-20200 pay band 2400 Calculate– hi guys, today i will tell you about complete guide of pay scale system and salary calculation method, its very confusing to understand that what means 5200-20200 pay scale and GP-2400 stand for, its seems like a puzzle, if you are a government employee and veteran then it will very simple for you to understand this salary system, but a newbie and job seeker who always seen different pay scale and band in official notification, newspaper and other ways for specific job position are confused they want to know the actual mean of such pay scale, different kind of question arose in their mind like what is the net salary of 5200-20200 pay scale GP 2400, what will be the gross salary of 5200-20200 + 2400 grade pay, so relax we tell you step by step what is salary system in india and how to determine your net monthly salary, what is the major factor included in.

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What is salary-
a salary is a form of periodic payment from an employer ( government, institution, organization) to an employee, which may be different low or high according to job nature and work position. in india government employee get monthly salary according to pay commission, as you know in that present time salary define by 6th pay commission,
How to calculate salary-
final net salary is define with the basic salary+grade pay(GP)+miscellaneous allowances, there is lots of government allowances which given to the employee to their work nature from central government or state government, here we discuss some major allowances which made your above 80% salary, you have to must know them-

Basic salary- Basic salary means basic pay without allowances, so if your pay scale is 5200-20200 grade pay 2400 then your pay will be 5200+2400= 7600.
DA ( Dearness Allowances)- Dearness allowances is a cost of living adjustment paid to government employee, its calculated as a percentage of an indian citizen basic salary, its increase time to time in presents time the dearness allowances is 117% of basic salary.
HRA ( House rent allowance)– HRA given by government to the employee for accommodation rent, its a different according to urban and rural areas but approx HRA is half of pay band, so if your pay band is 2000 then u will get approx 1200-1600 as a house rent.
TA ( Traveling allowances)– TA stand for traveling allowances given when employee travel for business purpose.
Calculation of pay scale 5200-20200 + grade pay (GP) 2400-

Pay Scale Grade pay         Basic pay   DA ( 117%)   HRA  Net salary
5200-20200     2400/-   7600+2400= 10000/-     11700/- 1600/- 23300/- pm

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  1. Basic pay is 5200+2400=7600. According to you but at bottom u calculted as 1000.

  2. I didn’t get basic pay..according to u basic pay should be Rs7600 and u calculated Rs1000. tell me how ?

  3. Ishan Kathane May 17, 2016 @ 5:09 am

    what will be the basic for grade pay of 2400 ? According to Swamy Book it should be 7510 for grade pay of 2400.

    So please guide me with the same.

    • Govt. is giving basic pay of Rs. 7510/- to regular employees whose grade pay is Rs.2400/- and basic pay of Rs. 5200/- to contractual employees whose grade pay is between 1800/- to 2800/-. Lots of cases praying for basic pay according grade pay are pending adjudication in Delhi High Court.

  4. sandeep kumar May 27, 2016 @ 4:07 am

    Exact salary for postman position

  5. sandeep kumar May 27, 2016 @ 4:08 am

    Exact salary for postman position in jharkhad state

  6. I’m promoted from 5200-20200 with GP of 1900(11070) to 5200-20200 with GP of 2400 .Could you plz say me what would be my basic after the promotion.

    • I’m promoted from 5200-20200 with GP of 1800(11070) to 5200-20200 with GP of 2400 .Could you plz say me what would be my basic after the promotion.but i already reached grade pay of Rs3000.this month of july one increment is also due.wt will be my salary.

  7. Hello sir,
    While calculating basic pay u have added 2 times grade pay.i.e.2400 and value obtained 10,000 so tell us how..?
    And one more sir u haven’t given any explanation regarding above facts.

    • Same thing i thought while reading calculation section. And you are right, he/she has added grade pay for 2 times.

  8. My pay band is 5200-20200 & GP of 2500. Could u say about me ..

  9. thanxs for this kind information

  10. Whether the transportation allowance (conveyance allowance) is taken into account to determine the monthly salary of a Govt. servant to issue the income certificate for the purpose of fee waive of his ward in educational/ technical institution

  11. 5200 20200 with gp 1800 my salary will

  12. Kaushal Kumar Ojha August 31, 2016 @ 5:12 pm

    There is absurd calculation done in basic pay calculation. Please conceive my suggestion regarding clearance of confusion.

  13. 19110 – 840 – 23310 – 885 – 46320 how much salary?

  14. Mere kuch samajh NAHI aa raha hai hindi me details dalo

  15. Will a temporary employee get the same pay as regular

  16. iam half time librarian and govt of maharashtra gives us 2400 . 5200_20200 grade in gr
    so what will monthly gross

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