How to Place google matched content ads in WordPress Blog

Use Google Matched content Ads in blog- hi guys before the starting of how to place/use google matched content ads in your wordpress blog or blogger or in other platform we have to understand what is google matched content ads and how they function, Actually its a initiative of google adsense to promote your article to your site visitor By making it easy for your readers to find the content that they’re interested in, you can increase your site’s page views, the time spent on your site, reader loyalty, ad impressions, and ultimately ad revenue, as it looks matched content ads it means adsense shows related ads to your blog which will increase your revenue page view impression and CPC instance you have a blog of Education or career based so if you place google matched contant ads in your blog then you find google shows only career and education related ads in your blog and the percentage of chances to click on these ads will more strong then other simple adsense ads which shows randomly so ultimately google gives you a better platform to earn much.

Can any publisher use Google matched content ads ?

the matched content feature is not available to all published, google place some condition for blogger, google demands only those blog which keep a better position it means your blog must be have a clean theme, unique page viewer, minimum traffic volume and number which google required, so that question which arose in your mind is that what is the eligibility to get google matched content or how we got matched content ads from Adsense, so keep reading every answer will given below-

How to be eligible for google matched content ads ?

Google requires some quality to approve your blog in which included minimum 50,000 page views per month, 25000 unique visitor per month etc etc Once your site is approved, you’ll have access to the Matched content feature in your AdSense account.

Check if your site is eligible for Matched content-

To check the eligibility of your site:
if your blog have 50000 page views per months and minimum volume traffic then you may get code from adsense and put it on your blog, for checking that google approved your blog for content matched ads or not you are-

  • visit to your AdSense account.
  • Click the gear icon and select Settings.
  • In the sidebar, click My sites.
  • Under “My sites”, click Matched content.
  • In the “Sites” section, check to see if your site is listed:

if you dont get “click matched content” option in this section that it means you are not eligible for this programme, we will also reveal some great tips to get approved in our next article so till then keep blogging.

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